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Fishing Report:


May 7,2018,


Great news here on Devils Lake!!! The Big Lake is 98% open with just a few ice floaters around!!!! The phone is going crazy here with people wanting to get out and fish with Big John. With a few open dates that I have left , I decided to add another guide to meet the demands of people and phone calls. I have taken great pride and carefull consideration in this selection, and I am proud to announce that Wade Shively will be the man to foot that bill. Wade has proven himself to me that he can fish with the best of them and can providing you, the client, with the best trip possible. He is truly a hard working, fun guide that knows the lake with a ton of experience and tons of stories and energy to keep you entertained all day long. The days get long and the trips get more fun each day, I have chosen a true winner to help me out!!!! We pride ourselves with happy clients, great catches, fun times and great stories that will last a lifetime!!! Our schedules are filling fast, so, make the call and fish with the best... Big Johns Guide Service.


April 15, 2018

I am running a "EARLY BIRD"booking special for August, September and October. This special, requires a 2 day minimum and 2 person minimum, payment in full, Excludes Labor Day Weekend, all bait, tackle providedThis will be for groups up to 6 people. This deal also includes a 15% discount on lodging at the Fireside Inn and Suites and $50 off your trip both days. This means the $400 rate for 2 people is now $350 per day. This special is valid on all new bookings between April 15, 2018 - May 15,2018. If your looking to book a trip on Devils Lake, NOW is the time!! Give us a call @ 701-381-2599 or e-mail

Tight Lines,





April 8, 2018

Just like the past few years when ice fishing guiding is done for the season I like to do a recap of things I've learned, how the season went and MOST OF ALL... A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL MY CLIENTS for their continued loyalty, and to all the new clients who have made Big John's Guide Service their choice of a Guide Service on Devils Lake. Now, let's recap the year!!!
What a great year for the Perch fishing here!!! Did we get limits each time we went out? NO. But, we did manage to catch every time we went out after Perch. We did manage to have 15-20 Perch over 14 1/2" that went to the taxidermist for the walls in clients houses!!!! It did seem however, the bite slowed a bit after the 20th of February, but we still caught fish. We did have a few good days after that but the consistent bite was better from December thru mid February.
On the Walleye side: When we targeted them we did ok. Again not limits but the size of fish we caught was very nice. Mostly in the 17-21" range with several fish over 22" which most were released to be caught another day. We fished them in 5-25 fow. A few 5# plus fish were also caught.
Pike Fishing: Was a lot of fun with tip-ups and rod and reels too! Most of the Pike we caught ran 3-5 pounds and they were plentiful!!! Several limits were taken and fun was had by all who wanted to mix it up with the Pike fishing during their trip!!!
THE FOOD: Everyone knows that a Ice Fishing Trip with Big John's Guide Service includes a hot meal which is made fresh by my Awesome wife Jane. She too works a full-time job and prepares lunches for me to serve to all clients! Thanks Jane for all you do for me!!

*****Great changes are coming to Big John's Guide Service in the coming few months so, stay tuned!!! I will post these as they unfold.

Again, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this year and I look forward to seeing you all again Next Winter (and even this Summer)!!!

If your looking to come to Devils Lake this summer or next winter and want to hire a guide, Give Big John a call @ 701-381-2599 or look us up on the web @



November 6, 2017

Winter is upon us here on Devils Lake!!! This past week has given us 4-6" of snow and temps in the teen's. The main lake is open yet but, the smaller lakes and someback bays have a thin layer of ice on them. This is very encouraging and if this trend continues we may be able to walk out by Thanksgiving or sooner!!!! I can't stress safety enough to you all who want to get out there early to make sure you wear a lifevest, have ice picks and fish with a buddy. Don't be a hero!!!! As far as my bookings go, the phone has been ringing and I anticipate now with the weather change for it to explode with reservations. If you are looking to book a trip, give us a call and book a fun trip on Devils Lake before it's too late. Till Next Time..John


October 4, 2017

With the weather changing quickly fishing this fall has been a bit of a grind. Lack of consistant flow at bridges, water temps changeing daily has tested all fishermans skills. We have been catching alot of small fish 4-12"with some nicer fish 14-20"mixed in. Normally the best fishing is now but, this fall is inconsistant for me. I have been posting daily on my fb page but, keeping this report has been a struggle. My rates will be changing for the 2018 season for Ice Fishing and for the extra person rate in the summer. Here is what I posted on FB this morning:

Fishing Devils Lake is a fun experience open water as well as hard water. Lots of hard work and expense goes into making sure each client has the best experience possible, best tackle, electronics and transportation. I also feed clients a home cooked meal in the winter and will also offer sub sandwiches with chips, cookie, water and a soda for each client in the summer. With all those values and expenses of each trip costing more money each year, I have decided to adjust my rates accordingly. However, I will be honoring the rates of everyone that has trips booked with me for the 2018 season, also, any trips booked with advance deposit paid before November 15, 2017 old rates apply. The new rates EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 15, 2017 is as follows:
Ice Fishing $175.00 per person/Day
Open Water $200.00 per person/Day
Extra Person $75.00 per person/Day
I hope everyone understands and is ok with this, if you would like to visit with me or book a trip, Give me a call @ 701-381-2599 e-mail fishing

May 26, 2017

Wind, wind, wind with rain, rain, rain has made fishing tough on Devils Lake the past couple weeks. I have been fishing one of the smaller lakes in the basin because the water temps have not warmed up to my magic number of 60 on the main lake yet. We have been able to catch a few Walleyes and Pike but the water is very dirty so the fish are having a hard time finding the bait. I did hear the main lake is starting to put out a few fish in as shallow as 6" of water pitching countdowns and plastics. I will be out this weekend searching for fish on the main lake, checking the bays and casting weeds and rocks along road beds in hopes to locate fish for clients. Steady weather and warming temps will happen and when it does, the lake will be on fire!!!! My calander is filling up fast so if your planning a trip check out my availability and give us a call. Till Next Time... Tight Lines...John


May 8, 2017

Well the lake is starting to heat up and so is the fishing. Find warmer water and try slip bobbers with leeches, jigs and minnows in bridge areas seem to be the ticket for catching Walleyes. Casting jigs and plastics and shallow running crankbaits has also been working for both Walleyes and Pike in shallow bays. This year seems to be a little ahead of schedule with trips already going out and having decent success. My 1st trip is scheduled for the 16th of May so I won't post a report till after that date. I do have openings yet for some early action in May and Limited openings for June and July while August has several dates open. The way things are looking it will be a awesome fishing year with several year classes of fish just waiting to be caught!! Just a reminder... daily posts will be available on my Facebook page so, be sure to friend request me so you can see what is happening in the Devils Lake Basin on a daily basis. Till Next Time... John


April 29, 2017

Been a long time posting here! I track the activity and I alot of you are looking for info but, not seeing much info like previous times. Well that is all on me, and that is gonna change. Let's start by giving you the low down that is happening here on Devils Lake and the Basin. Ice is off the lake and anglers are fishing from shore and a few are taking small boats in the channels and coulees with some success. The last 2 weeks have seen egg laying females and milking males taken out of the system on a regular basis. The bite has been hit and miss with the changing weather patterns and wind makes fishing challenging at best. I have not been out yet because I feel that this is a very vulnerable time for the Walleyes and want to do my part to preserve this awesome fishery and let them lay eggs and be fertilized so we can catch them a few years down the road!! The summer is looking to be yet another busy year for Big John's Guide Service with only a few days open for clients to book the trips. If you are looking for dates, please take a look at my AVAILABILITY CALANDER to see if a date or dates work for your group. I can also help with referal of a guide (if my calander is full) to give you some direction on who to call. The boat will be all cleaned up this week and by the 10th of May I will be on the water checking for fish. I hope to see some of you this summer and please feel free to contact me anytime. Until Next Time....Tight Lines.. John


December 12, 2016

I bring great news from the freezer here on Devils Lake!!!! The lake over the weekend has FROZEN OVER!!!! Some of the lakes in the area have 4-6" of ice on them so now let's catch some fish. I will be out and about later this week checking ice conditions and punching a few holes. I did here some people have been out and some have caught a few fish. I have a few things to get ready for which is shaping up to be a stellar year. I am booked up pretty much until March so if you would like to book a trip, better call soon!! I will updated this report as soon as I get on the Lake. Till next Time.......... Tight Lines.........John


November 26,2016

After an awesome summer and fall of catching fish I had to put the new boat away for the winter nap. I know I have not kept this page updated like I used to but that is gonna change starting this Ice fishing season!!! A new Mac computer and everything very streamlined will help me do this. Reports will be more timley with pictures posted weekly. I also appreciate all of you looking at it and checking all of the tabs at the top of this page. Now... on to the business end of what I do. I will be using all brand new Fenwick rod and reel combo's, Otter 1200 full thermal houses, FL-18 Vevilars, Eskimo augers to keep you comfortable and on fish!!! The winter outlook looks strong for Walleyes and Pike but, the Perch will be a crap shoot. I never caught many this summer and really never targeted them either. I hope the 6-8" we caught last year grew a few inches over the summer and school up so we can catch a few. The limit changed from 40 per person per day to 20. We really needed a reduction in the limits because of the over-harvesting in previous years and also to help maintain our fishery for years to come. My 1st trip is scheduled for December 29th and I hope we have Ice by then!! A few little sloughs have a small skim of ice but nothing safe yet. After my 1st trip I will post the results on here and facebook. I will give updates if any to give between now and December 29th. I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happiest of New Years!! Until Next Time... Tight Lines..John


August 3, 2016

The dog days of summer have not been a factor here on Devils Lake!!! The problem we have had here this summer is wind and rain hindering the times we have been able to get out. Seems like 1 or 2 days a week we have either had to cancel trips or just find a bay to stay out of the wind and just grind it out. We are catching 14-17" Walleyes, perfect for the frying pan with an occassional 20+ incher mixed in. Presentations we are using have been Bottom Bouncing in 14-25fow with crawlers or leeches. I have also been experimenting with plastics with is a new thing for me but I have had success with them as well. Jigging and bobbers have also been catching fish in many parts of the lake. I have been using leeches under the bobbers and leeches or crawlers on the jigs. This month normally is very strong and will only get better as we get into fall. New logoed gear is soon to hit my Facebook page so, if your not a friend of mine on Facebook you and request me. To find me search John Adams Devils Lake on Facebook and I will accept your friend request. Also, I post daily on the trips I have that day. Till Next Time...Tight Lines John


June29, 2016

This last week has been really hot! The temps have been in the 80's but, the fishing has really heated up!!! Limits of Walleyes being caught using all presentation various depth 3-20 fow depending on presentations. If pike is somthing your interested in, they too are in abundance and caught along with the Walleyes and also on the tracks up on Pelican lake. Guiding on this lake year after year never gets old with the challenging lake levels, exposed new stumps and sunken roadsit remains to be in the top 5 walleye fisheries in the nation!!!My phone has been ringing daily with reservations for trips on this vast body of water but, still have some openings. If your looking to take a guided trip with us, give me a call at 701-381-2599 for a great day of fishing!!! Till Next Time...Tight Lines John


June 15, 2016

I truly appologize for such a long absense from here. As a way for me to thank my viewers I will be offering a $50 discout off my RATES for any date I have open in JULY AND AUGUST(These are for new reservations only)Hopefully all the technical difficulties are worked out and I can do my weekly reports for you. The fishing here has very good but not excellent. We have been catching limits of Walleyes and Pike in the bays using a variety of presentations, eg: Casting crankbaits it shallow bays, pulling crankbaits in less than 12 fow, bobber fishing with a leach in less than 6 fow. All these are producing limits of Walleyes and several Pike too! Some of the old sunken roads should start to pick up as water temps continue to rise and in wait of the alge bloom. The fishing will on go from now being excellent to outstanding! I do have dates available, so what are you waiting for.... Call Big John Today!!!!! I will be posting weekly here and daily on my facebook page so, everyone can see how things are going. You can friend request me John Adams Devils Lake, my avitar is my logo on a t-shirt. Thanks and have a great week. Keep the lines tight!!!! John


November 16, 2015

This more than likely will be the last report until the lake starts freezing over. A cool down will be happening this week and we really need some cold temps to start the process of getting ice on this vast 190,00 acre lake. The fall fishing was pretty decent yielding some great catches of Walleyes and Pike!!! This I hope will hold true this winter. The people who have fished with me and know how I write these reports know I don't blow smoke up your *ss just to get you to come fish with me. I have prided myself with truthful reports both here and on my facebook pages. I know some of you call me to get the "low down" on things and just to chat about fishing, equipment, tackle, presentations or life. I thank you for those calls and welcome each one of you to call anytime. I love to talk fishing or whatever with you!!!!! As far as the Perch go, I don't have a answer for you except, several small lakes had nice Perch with Walleyes mixed in last year and this is where I will start Perch fishing when the ice is "SAFE" and not until. If you want to book that experience of a lifetime NOW is a great time to call and make your reservation for a fun and safe ice fishing trip with "Big John's Guide Service"Till Next Time... John


November 5, 2015

As our weather cools the fish are putting on the feed bag for winter. Typical late fall presentations eg. jigging raps at the bridges, rock piles, points have proved to be very successful as well as pulling crankbaits on the old roads, and ridges have been catching nice fish too. Water temps in the 40's tells us it won't be long before the 2015-2016 ice fishing season begins. I will be working on getting all my gear ready and checked over as well as restocking my tackle with some "new" lures and some of the old reliable ones that are proven fish catchers. I am doing somthing different this year for all my clients who book with me for winter trips and the special will be: full rate for the first day then a $25 discount for each day after that!! This discount is my way of saying thanks and the only CATCH is you have to write a testimonial about our trip. The phone is ringing for trips but, we still have openings so why not check your calander, request a few vacation days off and make that phone call for a fun winter trip chasing and catching fish on Devils Lake!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you. Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


September 26, 2015

I know it's been a long time since I have posted a report to you all!!! Many of you who follow me do so thru Facebook where postings are done each day and it shows the catches of all my clients. For those of you who don't, Please friend me on face book. (John Adams Devils Lake) my avitar is my old Lund black in color!!! Now on to the report.....

Fishing was incredible all summer using all presentations eg. Jigging, Bobbers, Spinners, Pulling Crankbaits, Crawlers and Leeches have done very good catching most of the fish. As fall approaches us the water temps now are in the lower 60's meaning the lake is turning over and once we reach the upper 50's minnows on a jig at bridges or rock piles will heat up!! Other presentations that worked well this fall and will continue to get better is Jigging Raps and Blade Baits, Hutches, or last but surely not least Pk Spoons Flutter Fish. I have a new spoon from RJ Lures called the KUBAR which I used in Canada last fall and worked well on the "Green backs" will also get a try too!!!! I know fall fishing is incredible on Devils Lake and the traffic on the lake is quiet and fishing only gets better as the fish put on the "feed bag" I have some openings for October and November so, give us a call and let Big John offer you a trip to chase fall Walleye on Devils Lake!!! Ice fishing is around the corner and my phone is starting to ring. Don't miss out on the ice fishing season. Make that call and leave the rest to US!!!!!!!!!!!! Till Next Time..... Tight Lines. John


July 6, 2015

This last couple weeks have been very busy catching tons of fish on all presentations and all depths. Pulling spinners has been a go to way to catch walleyes in the 14-18" range. Finding weedlines, old roads. old shorelines have been the target areas for pulling spinners with crawlers or leeches. Jigging and bobbers has been good for the12-15" fish. Lots of action for groups of people wanting to catch alot of fish and a few keepers to take home. Finding rock piles and wind blown shorelines sure has yielded alot of fish using leeches and crawlers. If you want to go for a few larger fish I would suggest pulling cranks along shorelines and old roads has sure has yielded some 20+ inchers. Salmo's and shad raps in hot steel or Halsinki shad colors have worked for me. My July is pretty booked with 4 open days, August has open dates and so does September. Give us a call for a awesome trip and tons of action and excitement catching and releasing fish all day long!!!!!!!!!!!! Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


June 18, 2015

It's 1:40 am and I woke up from a dream of catching Walleyes and Pike and never wrote about it!!!! Well... here it goes.The fishing this past week has been incredible. All of the presentations have been working from slip-bobbering next to the newly emerging weeds, pitching crankbaits in shallow water and pulling spinners along weed edges and on top of the underwater roads at .07-1.2 mph has yielded some real nice 16-22" Walleye. Pike and Whitebass are also being caught using the same presentation. I did have the honor of taking a 91 year young WWII veteran out with his family for a 1/2 day trip in cold and windy conditions!!!!! June is booked solid and July is looking 1/2 full. With the stable weather the fishing should just continue to get better and better. The lake has alot of stumps, roads barely under the surface, concrete pilons that can sure raise hell with the boat and motor. I don't mean to scare you but, if you are planning a trip my advise is to hire a guide who knows the lake to show you around and put you on fish then, finish off your vacation or getaway having the knowledge of how to navigate the lake and the presentations to put FISH IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!! Give us a call to reserve your trip of a lifetime, fishing one of the best Walleye lakes in the nation. Till Next Time...Tight Lines John


June 10, 2015

Water temps are heating up in the lower to mid 60's and so is the fishing!!!!! This has been a long time coming and finally the fish have been cooperating. Fishing newly emerging cattails with bobbers, pitching cranks have proven to be the best way to get them. My plan to start playing with will be pulling spinners tipped with crawlers and leeches should put a limit in the boat now. This weekend is the casino tournament with a 1st place check of $10,000.00. I don't fish it because I have more fun guiding clients. The phone rings for reservations 5 to 6 times each day with people looking for trips so check your calanders and give us a call and we will do our best to get you in on the action of some of the best walleye fishing on Devils Lake. On a personnal note... I got a call from lake-link (a outdoor site) for a Pro Staff invitation( which I have excepted with honor) to become 1 of 3 to guides in North Dakota to write reports, show articles, do video for its members. So, if you haven't been on the site I strongly encourage you to check it out. Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


June 1, 2015

Last week was like a roller coaster... water temps, wind and fishing. The 32 degree nites gave us a chill on the lake and the wind at 25+ mph last week made us cancel a couple trips. The fishing was the same, before the wind and cold temps fishing was spectacular and fairly easy. (when we found them)!! now on to later this last week.. Find the bays and find warmer water and find fish simple, right? NOT!!! A finicky bite was there and patience, patience, patience was the key to catching fish. Shallow water, less than 6' yielded us some nice fish 14-22". The forecast this week calls for temps in the 70's with a chance of rain till Friday. The phone has been ringing and June is 3/4 full and July is 1/3 full. Warmer temps and stable weather will bring great opportunities to catch fish soooo make that call and book a trip with us and enjoy a fun filled day or two catching Devils Lake walleyes. Just a reminder.. This report is weekly, if you want a daily report, Facebook friend me and see the info that day!!! Until Next Time... Tight Lines John


May 24,2015

Things are starting to heat up... The water temps and the FISHING!!!!!!! After a cold front and 3+inches of rain and water temps in the mid 40's, things have turned in the right direction. Yesterday was a great day and the water temps were in the upper 50's and the fish were biting!! We had a great pike day...catching over 50 and 3 walleyes!!! Happy clients.We have been pitching cranks in the shallows, slip bobbering in less than 10 fow has been putting a few fish in the boat too. Phones are ringing and we are filling fast!!! The sooner your plans to take a guided trip...the better it is to secure your dates. I purchased a brand new 1875 Lund Impact this year from Blakes Marine in Devils Lake. The boat is powered by a 150 Mercury 4 stroke and it has a full windshield too!!!! I will be posting the daily pictures of Facebook and then weekly transferring them here with a report so, if you are not a facebook friend, please do so to get the day by day lo-down. Till next Time.. Tight Lines John


April 16,2015

Hello fellow anglers. Greetings again from Devils Lake!!!!!! I am happy to announce the ice is going fast and about 75% is open. Areas like 6 mile bay, mauve coulee, Pelican lake, Lake Irvin and Dry Lake are ice free!!!!! Time to be thinking about booking that trip with us. My first trip is May 18th. The phone has started to ring and this year should be just as good as last. The lake level has dropped 2-3 ft from last fall and will continue to drop unless we get some well needed rain. The spawn for the walleye and pike should start once the water temps reach 47-52 degrees. Once that happens and they spawn out they will be in the shallow water 1-5ft where it is warm for a bit. The best way to go after post spawn walleyes is pitching shallow cranks, mimic minnows or jigs with live bait or plastics. I may try to get out in the next few days to give the boat a spin and check the lake for newly created obstacles to stay away from. If you get a chance to go fishing while the fish are spawning, please catch, photo and release. This will help preserve the fishery and allow our future anglers to enjoy it too!!! Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


March 13, 2015

Hello from the fast deteriorating shorelines of Devils Lake!!!! Just to let everyone know that the 2014-2015 ice season has come to a sudden end with warm temps and wind making travel unsafe for us. I want to say THANKS to ALL of my Clients for a great season!!!! This winter has had it's ups and downs with the fishing. Perch fishing gave most of us challenges not only catching but finding them was hard. Days they could be found then the next day gone. Moving alot was the key to catching a few but the food source (freshwater shrimp) were in abundance and it was my conclusion why perchin was tough. Another factor was the large schools just never bunched together making it difficult to stay on top of them. Walleye fishing in the mornings and evenings was good, with evenings being better for my clients. Pike fishing was awesome with the average 3-5 # and several over 8# and even some over 10 being caught!!! I am taking summer reservations now and preparing for yet another awesome open water season!!!! My summer calendar has openings... so, NOW is the time to set up your summer trip on the lake with us. If you have any questions or just want to talk about fishing... don't hesitate to call me at 701-381-2599. I would love to hear from you!!!!! Until next time.... Tight Lines John


January 4, 2015

Happy New Year to You All!!!!!!!

Lets cut right to the chase.... The fishing out here is pretty decent for Walleye and Pike however, the Perch fishing on the Main Lake has been somewhat of a challenge. We have had to go smaller lakes in the area to catch perch with a few walleyes mixed in. In the past we caught limits of Perch fairly easy and even though the we are catching 15-20 perch per day in each house the size is all over the tape measure 5"-14" is the size range with average being 9-11". With that being the way it is until the schools of perch can be found this has been the norm. On the Walleye side clients are catching limits of Walleyes from 14-26" size. Mornings and evenings have been the best. Buckshot rattle spoons tipped with full minnow hooked thru the back dorsal and just letting them swim or a minnow head has been the best. The new RJ Ice Hunter spoons also have caught their fair share of fish too!!! Pike have been found all over the lake and people have been bringing in some dandy's. My schedule is looking great with only 7 days left for January, about 10 days in February, and only 1/2 full for March. The season is in full swing now with 20" of ice on the main lake and cold weather here for all of this week we will have plenty of ice to drive on the main lake. Be careful of pressure ridges... Yesterday a truck went nose first thru the ice by a pressure ridge and everyone was safe but the truck was full of water and I am sure that it is totaled!!! Be Safe out there. If you want to take a trip with us.... Give us a call and we will try to fit your group into our schedule. Till Next Time... Tight Lines... John


December 21,2014

Travel on the main lake is still not advised if you are using a truck, atv and snowmobile is ok with only 11-14" of ice out there is not a place for my truck!!!! I kicked off the guiding last Sunday and we caught a few perch. Day 2 and 3 yielded 13 walleyes 2 pike and a couple of perch and 2 nice crappies. Day 4 we got 7 more walleys a couple perch and 4 pike.The perch bite remains the mystery...where are they???? Other fisherman and guides are asking the same questions. I have a few thoughts.... 1. The ice is only 11-17 inches which is limiting our run and gun approach. 2. The weeds have not died off yet thus keeping the perch and the baitfish in those weeds instead of having to search for food. 3. Little to no snow cover allowing the fish to see very well. 4. Lack of stable weather patterns and barometor is over 30. We still are able to catch walleyes in the mornings and evenings. The pike are also biting in the bays. The weather is suppose to cool down this coming week should make some ice so we can get out and try for some perch. Some of the "HOT" baits have been buckshots(From Northland) with a minnow head or full minnow, jigging raps tipped with a minnow head, grubbies (From Northwest Metro Tackle) with a whole minnow hooked behind the back dorsal fin and just using it as a dead stick, and the new ice hunter spoons from RJ Lures. I have a few days in January open, some February days, and several open dates in March. Have a safe and Merry Christmas to all!!!!!! Till Next Time...Tight Lines John


November 24, 2014

We got Ice!!!!!! We iced over last week Wednesday and have 2-3 inches on the main lake. Irvin and Pelican and the other smaller lakes around the area have 5-7" now. My phone has been ringing and my calendar is looking good for bookings. I still have openings so give me a call so we can take you out for a venture of a lifetime. My 1st trip that I have booked is December 14th from then till January 4th I only have 2 dates open. Later this week I will try to get out and "test the bite" so, hopefully my next report will have pictures!!!! I have heard rumors on the surveys the game and fish done this summer and fall the I am not suprised that the perch numbers are down about 1/2 of what their survey was last year. However, walleye and pike numbers are about the same. I still am confident the fishing will be good, just not as crazy as last year. We may have to move around a bit more than last year and that is where I come in. As most of you know from fishing hard or soft water with me I work very hard trying to give each one of my clients the best possible "chance" for filling their limits. Some days are better than others that is why we call it FISHING and not CATCHING. By hiring a guide your chances are definitely way better than trying to find the fish on the vast 220,000+ acre lake. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


November 13, 2014

Cold weather is most definitely starting to cool the lake down in a hurry. Daily highs in the mid teens to lower 20's and nite temps in the single digits for the next 10 days will and should put a coat of ice on the big lake. The smaller lakes like Irvin and Mikes have a 2" sheet on top. Should not be long NOW!!!!!! I had a computer crash so this report comes alot later than I like but, with the help of my website host and getting used to using my new Mac, reports and photo's will be on a weekly basis. I have increased my rates by $25.00/person this season..... but, I am extending an offer to all of you until the 30th of November if you book your trip before then, I will honor last years rate of $125.00/person not the $150.00/person after the 30th. We are expecting another great year on the ice so "NOW" is the time to make your reservations before the rates go up December 1st. I have added a couple of guides to help me out with the groups over 4 people so we can provide the quality of service you expect and deserve. Till Next Time.....Tight Lines "Big John"


September 16, 2014

Fall transition has begun!!!!! The water temps have been dropping in the past couple weeks and this means bridges bridges and bridges. Water temps in the upper 50's to almost 60 has brought our fall mentality. Jigs and jigging shad raps where current is running is key for finding limits of walleye and pike. I was not fishing alot the past week and a half because my Dad passed away and being able to get thru the past 15 days has been a struggle for me. Dad fished some and supported me more! I know he is in looking down from up above telling me to keep moving forward. Not to dissapoint him I had 5 days guiding this week and found success at the mauve and 6 mile bridges..... Limits of walleyes being taken in the 14-20" range and some nice 4-13# pike too!!!! The lake will be flipping over soon and that will be a good thing as far as stability for the fishery. My phone has also been ringing for winter guiding and this is a great thing. I still have openings for a fall trips and encourage you to take a hard look at coming here to fish for your chance to catch some really nice fall walleyes with us. Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


August 20, 2014

Sorry for such a long time getting this out to all of my followers but, the past month has just flew by. The fishing has been very good, ok I lied it's been incredible!!!!! Limits of walleyes, pike and an accidental perch mixed in. Things on the guiding front as slowed a bit with family's focus on school, sports and some cooler temps. The fishing however remains HOT. The presentations have not changed, Pulling spinners with a crawler or leach, slip bobbering, pulling cranks and do be afraid to pitch cranks in 7 fow to the weedlines. We have been catching 14-16" fish in all depths from 7-20 fow. The snap jigging bite for me will start soon when the water temps drop some and this is a fun way to catch some really nice walleyes. I have openings in September so, give us a try and experience what Devils Lake has to offer. Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


July 18, 2014

The fishing continues to be very good on Devils Lake. The fish cand an be found everywhere in the Basin and the Lake itself!!!! Any depths from 6-30 fow holds fish. Jigging, slip bobbers, pitching cranks, pulling spinners and even trolling cranks has proven to be successful. The lake is so vast that when the parking lots are full, you hardley see alot of boats while out fishing or even just pleasure boating. I would like to let you people know while I was fishing this week I found a stump 6" under the surface that would have taken out anyones lower unit right in the middle of the lake, so if you bring your own boat its not a bad idea to book a guide who knows the lake and can show you around the lake to avoid these hazards and show you spots that hold these fish instead of taking the risk of damage to your boat and how to navigate to some good fishing too!!!! I still have a few openings in July and August has many open dates, so what are you waiting for..... Come and fish with Big John and let us put you on fish and show you a good time! Till Next Time...... Tight Lines John


July 6, 2014

The Bite continues here on Devils Lake!!!!! Limits of walleyes come easy some days (when the wind is blowing), then we have days where we struggle a bit but being persistant and patient pays off. The walleyes can still be found along shallow (under 10 fow) weed edges pulling spinners and pitching cranks. Finding the right combination is key to success, things change from jigs, bobbers, cranks in different colors vary from day to day and so does live bait to plastics. I have been starting to add plastics to my daily plan and getting a little more comfortable using them has been challenging but slowly and with patience it will be good. I know there are alot of kinds of plastics to use but, don't forget about live bait too!!!! The water temps are starting to rise in the upper 60's to some spots lower 70's which in turn are starting to force some fish into deeper structure and their summer patterns. Try fishing the humps and deeper structure and you may be suprised what you may find. Jigs and bobbers work well in this with a leech or a crawler. If you want to search larger areas put the cranks or bottom bouncers on and go!!!!! My schedule has been filling up fast so if you want to experience what Devils Lake has to offer.... Give Big John's Guide Service a call. Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


June 28, 2014

The Devils Lake basin is on a frenzy!!!! The Walleye and Pike are hungry and biting on most presentations we throw at them. Slip Bobbering, and jigging the wind swept weedlines has been very successful in 3-13 fow. Pitching the weedlines with cranks or jig head and plastics has been working. Another good way to go is bottom bouncing with a crawler or leech, its a good way to cover ground and find fish then you can change presentations or stay with whats working. I have been getting calls daily and my July is over 1/2 full and people are calling for August and September, NOW is the time to get in on this "FRENZY" by giving Big John's Guide Service a call today and we will work hard to earn your business and have fun while catching fish. Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


June 22, 2014

Fishing for walleyes right now is on fire!!!!! Easy limits of walleyes in the 15-18" has been the norm with the occasional 20+ being caught. Bottom bouncing in depths up to 20 fow is common now as the walleye start their transition to summer structure. Walleyes are even being taken in shallow (5 fow) too using bobbers and jigs. We can use 2 lines for summer fishing here so slip bobbering and jigging increases your odds and help figure out color patterns and bait they want. Pelican lake is heating up too. Water temps in the mid to upper 60's also helps find active pods of fish. I have been on the water every day this past week and this continues for the rest of the month of June!!!!!! I have posted some great pictures from the past week on my photo page...Check it out!!!! Yours could be one of them. I have been getting calls for July and August and before you know it, summer will be gone!!! So, make that phone call and book a trip with us and learn why we are the hardest working guide service on the lake that cares about you and your summer vacation!!!!! Till Next Time..Tight Lines John


June 16,2014

Same story "GAME ON" The fish are biting all over the lake in depths up to 20fow. I have had clients out all week and we have been able to catch our limit of nice eaters bobbering, jigging, pulling spinners. I have had the priveledge of having a couple special needs people in my boat this last week and what a blast we had, catching fish and watching their faces light up when we bring fish in the boat has been very humbling to me and I count my blessings each day for the things I have been blessed with. Thanks to Matt and his Dad Jerry for the fun weekend allowing me the honor to guide you on Devils Lake. I still have openings for the rest of this month and for July and August as well. If you want to have a great experience fishing for walleyes, pike, white bass and sometimes perch, then what are you waiting for, give us a call and book that trip TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


June 9, 2014

I am excited to say it is GAME ON!!!! Now is the time to come to Devils Lake. The walleyes are biting and the action is none stop. In the past 4 days we have limited out on walleyes anywhere from 14-22". 50+ walleye days has been fairly common and even catching a few perch and white bass mixed in. The pike are around and can be found all over the lake in all depths. The walleyes today could be found in 18 to 20 fow with spinners being the ticket. The bobber and jig bit remains to be shallow 5-13 fow. The baits of choice are crawlers and leeches. I will be posting the daily stuff on my face book then a weekly report with pictures on this site. If you are not one of my face book friends, just friend request me and I will be more than happy to accept your request. If you want an up to date report, just call me at 701-381-2599 or email me a note at Till Next Time.... Tight Lines. John


June 3,

Greeting from Pikeville!!!!!! I mean Devils Lake. Pike fishing on Devils Lake has been nothing short of incredible!!!! I know alot of you love to catch and eat the most saught after fish... WALLEYE. But when you consider catching 50 to 100 pike each day that gets me excited. The pike here are 3-8 pound average and the water temps in the 60's make these fun to catch and put in the frying pan. Pike get a bum rap when it comes to them because some have a difficult time removing the Y bone just say pike are aweful. Well I got news for you, they are fantastic! Coming out of cold water these can be cooked the same as walleye, eg. shore lunch, beer batter, on the grill, or 1 of my families favorite boiled in" SPRITE" till the filets turn white then dunked in garlic butter......Tastes like LOBSTER!!!!! Try it. I dare you. On the walleye front, They are being caught mixed in with the pike, a leach with a bobber and a jig has been the key. Shallow water I mean shallow 2-5 ft is the area to target. I have very few days in June left and July and August still remains slow for reservations. Till Next Time...... Tight Lines... John


May 19, 2014

Spring/Summer is here.....I did make it out this past weekend with a buddy of mine and we found pike in 2-6 fow pitching esko's. But, few walleyes could be found. The water temps are in the low low 50's and the water is gin clear, which leads me to believe we need 2 things....... SUNSHINE and DIRTY WATER. These 2 things are the big factors for walleyes while chasing and catching them early in the year. The cold water temps make the fish a little less agressive and the clear water makes it easy for them to study your bait and possibly see you or your boat. On the positive side the temps are to be in the upper 60's to almost 80 by weeks end. This weekend should be awesome if we get a little wind to go along with these temps. I do have openings this Memorial weekend for a couple of trips and when the walleyes turn on it will be AWESOME!!!!! So pick up the phone and make a call and get in on some of the best walleye fishing on one of the best fisheries in the nation!!!!!!!!!!! Till Next Time... < }}}}}}} > John


May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and if you have the priveledge of your Mom still with us, make sure to give her a call and wish her a happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the fishing front.... Ice is off and the ramps are in!!!!!! New rods are on the way from 13 FISHING and they are paired up with new PFLUEGER REELS. I have not been out yet because we have had about 3 days with no rain and the fish are not completely spawned out yet. I will be fishing this coming weekend so, I will be posting some pictures and a report next weekend. I have heard that people are catching fish in shallow water and the bridges are starting to produce fish using twister tails with jigs and some are using leeches and some minnows. The season is right around the corner and June is filling up. I have been getting calls now each day and people are starting to think SUMMER and FISHING!!!!!!!! This year is going to be another stellar year for Devils Lake and the fish are going to be hungry and plentiful. So, What are you waiting for..... Give us a call and come to Devils Lake for a fishing experience of a lifetime!!!!!! Till Next Time.....John


May 5, 2014

Giving you all out there who follows these reports, a big thanks for looking at my site and checking these out. I have tried to keep you informed the best way possible in a timely and honest way!!!! Well on the lake conditions... I still noticed a little bit of ice blowing around out there but by Monday of next week I am going to make a run out in the boat to see what is going on. I have had a couple of calls for this week and next but I need to get out there and find the fish and see what changes have happend over the winter. I will keep you informed how I do out there and hope they are biting and the phone starts ringing for trips!!!!! Till Next Time.... Tight Lines John


April 24, 2014

Just a quick update on the lake conditions. The shorelines are starting to go and the ice has turned to a black color which means it may be a couple weeks yet. The river has been running down south and people are catching fish pre spawn using a jig head and a twister tail. Channel A is open and people are catching fish there too! I never have fished this way.....I like to let the fish spawn and not bother them during this time. I feel this is how to keep a fishery healthy and fun for years to come. I have been getting calls for summer and booking trips daily so, if you are wanting a certain date give us a call so we can take your party out and try to catch a few fish!!!! Till Next Time...Tight Lines. John


April 8, 2014

All good things must come to an end!!!! What I mean by this is My ice fishing is officially done for this season. Now time to get busy gearing up for the summer. I have been working with a couple of sponsors and making headway. Those who are on-board with us so far is 13 fishing.. These rods are awesome and each are built for specific presentations, eg. Pitching, Jigging, Bobbering, Bottom-Bouncing. With that said these will all be available for my clients to use. NW Metro Tackle will be providing the jigs for us...I used their jigs this winter and needless to say they are AWESOME and caught alot of fish. Another product to the line will be WING-IT these are the bottom bouncers that we use and just like last year they are a quick change system and they too are top notch. I am also negotiating with other companies to stay up to date with my products so that I can offer the "best" for my clients this season. As we get closer to open water I will be keeping you all in the loop by updating these reports. Till Next Time... Tight Lines John


April 1,2014

This winter has for the most part has nothing short of FANTASTIC!!!! I think we had just a handful of days where my clients never got over 12 perch each. I am still available to take you out for a late ice trip, fishing this good is not going to last forever and neither will the ice. We still have 40+ inches of ice and can still drive anywhere we want on this vast 200,000 acre pond. We did have a blizzard on Sunday and Monday and it dropped 9" of snow and the 35 mph wind left behind a few drifts but, I was out today and travel was still good. I have been taking reservations for the summer and the way our winter bite has been this summer should be one of the best years in history. If you are thinking about a summer trip NOW is the time to RESERVE your DATES with Big Johns Guide Service. My rates will stay the same for the summer ($375.00 for 2 ppl)but will increase this winter by $25.00 ( $275.00 for 2 ppl) ice fishing. Till Next Time... Tight Lines! John


March 10,2014

Sorry to all of you for my lack of keeping everyone in the loop on the fishing front. I will do my best to be a little more current. Well....Here we go! Fishing has been good to excellent for the most part with about 7 days being fair since my last report. We have been taking clients all over the lake finding the active schools of perch has been a bit of a challenge but when we do find them the hungry jumbo's sure fill a 5 gallon bucket fast. The same depths of 20-50ft has worked well and somedays the fish are active and other days we need to finesse them by using a vertical presentation of a Hali tipped with a waxie and slowing down the action to a standstill. Understanding what they want and how they want it either vertical or a horizontal presentation is critical to your success. We have a 200,000 acre lake and people need to understand that we are trying to fish it thru a 8" hole. Which leaves me a question to ask all of you... Hire a guide or not? We are on the lake every day and we have the knowledge to find them what they are biting on and what we are doing to get the lookers into tablefare!! I will post daily reports of FB so friend me so you can see what we are catching each day. As far as ice thickness it is all of 40" and an extentsion is needed. I will be assessing the conditions daily as our weather warms the conditions change and by the 25th of March I will make a decision for the 1st week in Aprils guiding schedule. I do have a few days open during the week to take a group out but all weekends are full. If you would like to discuss ice fishing or getting ready to plan a summer vacation, I would be happy to discuss what we have to offer. Till Next Time...Tight Lines! John


February 19, 2014

The fishing has been just like the weather up and down with hi pressure and low temps and that damn wind has been somewhat of a challenge to get the fish to bite. The same grubbies from nw metro tackle in red glow, chartruse and red glow and green glow with a minnow hooked behind the dorsal fin allowing it to swim and proven to catch those finicky jumbo's. We have been catching walleyes (nice ones) mixed in with the perch. A minnow head has been the ticket for some of the walleyes. A couple things when fishing is patience patience patience,switching out presentations also has been very effective in turning the lookers into table fare. I have mixed it up from buckshots to tungston and back to grubbies with waxies or minnows or minnow heads. I fish alot of contour lines and finding fish is tough but, when you find them try to bounce around in that same countour line and you will be suprised what you may find. Another tip is find irregularities in those lines and fish those areas. Till next time... Tight Lines! John


February 4, 2014

The fishing in the past 4 days has been good to great. Stable conditions sure has made a difference on the amount of fish being brought in to the cleaning stations. Prior to that the fish were there but alot of lookers and a few takers did make it tough, not impossible just tough. Sitting on a spot and being patient was the key for putting perch in the bucket. The walleyes seemed not as picky or finicky and the pike would bite no matter what!!! The hot baits have still been the grubbies with a whole minnow and the "UV" pink pattern with a minnow head has been a great fish catching bait. I have made a huge decision to run OTTER houses this past week. I was able to purchase the 650 lodge and the 1200 XT lodge. They are very easy to put up and hold in the heat on the windy and cold days. My calander has been filling fast, all weekends are full through March, but have some days during the week available. Till Next Time...Tight lines John


January 26, 2014

This week has been very very hit and miss, 1 hour is ok the next aweful, front after front with very drastic pressure changes make things difficult at times. Clients have been just grinding out the day, hunkering down and just working different baits, presentations, depths from buckshot rattle spoons to even the smallest horizontal AQUA ANTS from NW Metro Tackle in glow red have been the best. Another thing I have tried with success has just been a plain size 8 red hook with a full minnow has been working with a bobber just letting it sit still about 8-12 inches off the bottom. The walleye bite has been similiar however they seen not as affected as much so we have been catching a few each day. The week ahead does show hope with cold cold cold but I will take it if it stays steady and the pressure is fairly consistant should improve. Just a reminder we only have a few weeks left of the hardwater so, if you are planning a trip yet this year give us a call. I do have some openings during the week but most of my weekends are full thru the middle of March. Till next time...Tight Lines John


January 16, 2014

Had a couple days off last week but was able to fish 5 days and the fishing was very good for perch. We would find the large schools and just target them till late afternoon then go after walleyes. We had a group from Iowa for 3 days and caught over 140 Jumbo Perch along with 20 nice walleyes. The weather really didn't bother us because the days were spent outside and the temps were in the 30's. I got some sample jigs from NW METRO TACKLE called grubbies. Danny also sent other jigs along with the grubbies. The glow on his jigs are the brightest and longest lasting glow that I have ever used. We would put a small minnow hooked thru the back near the dorsal fin, being careful not to paralize them with a small split-shot down the hole about 8-12" off the bottom and the fish would go crazy to inhale it. I tried other jigs and they just did not work but, Danny's worked awesome. I would suggest you take a look at his products and give them a try. The week ahead looks good for temps and fishing so, give us a call and reserve your guided trip with us. Till next time <))))))>< John


January 6, 2014

Happy New Year from the cold belt!!!! It has been a roller coaster week with temps in the upper 30's to -26 below (without the wind chill). The key to keeping us warm has been the Frabill Predator Thermal. This is the flat out the best thermal house on the market today. My clients have had to turn off the heat cause it gets "to hot" for them while catching perch and walleyes and even a few crappies. We are not famous for crappies but, we have a few and when you catch one it is a rush because they are nice size and such a beautiful fish that you don't see all that often. On the fishing front...It to has been a little up and down, not setting the world on fire but just plugging away in a spot or two each day and watching how they react to your bait has been the key to catching those jumbo perch we are famous for here on Devils Lake. The barometric pressure has been the key to our success.. anything stable under 30.00 and the fishing is good to fantastic. The fish will tell you if they like minnow heads, waxies, or whole minnow hooked thru the back dorsal fin, even a vertical presentation like the new UV pink Buckshot Rattle Spoon in pink tipped with a minnow head, or a horizontal bait like a Neon Lites Grubbie with a waxie or whole minnow hooked thru the back dorsal to let it swim naturally, the fish will tell you if you pay attention how the they respond. I have been getting calls for people wanting to go out and my book is looking good for trips but I do have openings for your group so, give us a call today and book that trip that people dream about! Till next time...Tight Lines..John


December 31, 2013

Happy New Years to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to send a big thank you to all my clients this year. Without all my past and future clients it would be impossible to do what I love and meet you and spend time fishing with you all. 2013 was a great start for me in the guiding business and 2014 will only be better. The fishing on this body of water gives us a few challenges, weather plays a role in success of catching each day.... Just remember "fishing is fishing and catching is the bonus". Now for the weekly report... We have a roller coaster ride this past week with blizzards, drastic temp changes not stable barometric pressuires have made the bite a little tougher. The fish are there in all the "spots" we go to but getting them to bite is a little tricky. Walleyes are affected but not as much as the perch. Walleyes are caught mornings and evenings in 12-18 ft of water then we target perch during the day. Sun sure helps the perch bite and we are weeding thru the smaller perch to land some dandy "jumbo's". My January does have a few open dates and Febuary has alot of openings so, if your wanting to come out and catch a few fish give me a call and I will be more than happy to take you out. Till next Time!!!! Tight Lines. John


December 22, 2013

This last week we have seen the best and the mediocure with the perch fishing. What I mean by this is the clients caught their limits of perch when the weather was stable and the barometric pressure remaind consistant. The days when fronts moved through the bit got a little tougher meaning, we had to downsize from 1/8th oz buckshots tipped with a minnow head to a tunston jig and waxies. The fish were there we just had to barely move the jig and "twitch" the rod to get them to bite. The walleye bit was better and maybe the fronts didn't affect them as much as we were able to catch walleyes when we went after them. We caught alot of that 6-10 inch class but we worked thru them and got limits of walleyes 14-18". Buckshots tipped with a minnow head was the trick for the walleyes in that 12-20 ft range. The phone has been ringing off the hook for reservations and my calander is filling fast. I would love to take your group out to experience some of the best icefishing you will have but, you gotta call and book your trip before it's too late! I want to take this time to wish all my past and future clients a safe and happy holiday season!                                              MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John


December 16,2013

Writing this report is very easy because the perch and walleye are biting and Ice Fishing has been nothing short of awesome!!! Limits of perch caught Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Today. The perch are good size too, 11-13" has been very common and the walleyes are 13-17" both are just slammin the bait we put in front of them. I have had groups out last week and have groups out this week and next and fishing should be good if the weather stays stable. January is 80% full and Febuary is showing signs of being awesome. The lake has 15-18" of Ice and we are driving out to our spots. I have gotten all my rods from 13 fishing, I use the WICKED combo's ML 26" or the Whiteout combo's 27" ML these rods have a light action with a great backbone for those jumbo perch and walleyes. I also use vexilar FL 18'S. Without the electronics you are just fishing blind and with a little instruction to the clients, they sure enjoy watching the fish appear on the flasher and it helps them "catch more fish". Also in the arsenal is the all new Eskimo Flip-Mo 2 thermal, these guys have made fishing in a shelter alot more ejoyable with their larger design and thermal cover helps keeps the heat in on those -40 below wind chills. I also have the rod storage hard cases from Ice Fishing Inovations, these rod lockers hold and protect my rods with no problems. Please be sure to check out my sponsors above and support them like I have..... You won't be dissapointed. If you are looking for a fully guided Ice Fishing Adventure on beautiful Devils Lake North Dakota, then what are you waiting for???? Give us a call. Till Next Time...Tight Lines<{{{{{>


December 9,2013

Just got back from an incredible Ice Fishing Show in St. Paul all I can say is if you have never been you need to plan on next year, it was awesome!!!! Vendors everywhere in the business of outdoor recreation, seminars, demonstrations for all. I made a lot of great contacts and booked a few guided trips as well. On the fishing front, we have been making ice for the past week and we have a good 10" of clear ice. The weather has been cold and ice is forming as I write this. My 1st trip of the season will be this week and will continue thru ice out. We are a little ahead of last year and the fish are biting. Walleye and perch are being caught using the same techniques as last year and finding them is tricky but when you find them they are hungry. I have not took the truck out on the ice yet but, by the 20th we should be able to put the snowmobiles and 4 wheelers away (until the snow makes it to deep to drive out on). My January is almost booked and I have openings in February and March still. If you are planning a trip I would suggest you call and book your trip ASAP. If you have any questions, feel free to call me @ 701-381-2599 for an up to date report or just to talk fishing. Till Next Time... Big John

November 26,2013

We have Ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather has been cold and we have 1-3" on the main lake and a few of the bays have 2-4". They have been doing a little fishing up north of here and some have even drove 4 wheelers out. I respect the ice, and I am going to wait for that 6+. I will be out of town for the holiday and returning Monday. I will try to fish a little next week before the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show December 6-8. If the weather holds out like it should, we should be able to start venturing out on snowmobiles by the 15th. That is a target date only....based on thickness and weather. The safety of my clients and myself come 1st and that is how it has to be! I will try to post a report for you all next week (if I can get out). I have opening to get you on the hard lake so give me a call, Would love to take you out for some awesome Devils Lake fishing this winter. Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving.... Till next time...Tight Lines.


November 20,2013

I am writting this report at 11pm tonite. We have been getting some winter weather and the temps are dropping. Currently it is 15 degrees and highs for the next few days is in the 20's. The current water temp is around 37 and with the snow and cooler temps it should not be long before the lake freezes. All I can say is bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have some good news on the fishing front, I got a great proposal from St. Croix Rods. I am sure you fellow ice fisherman know of this company and the fine reputation they have by building awesome rods built in America. I am strongly considering using these rods this year and feel they would serve your needs. I will be attending the Ice Show in St. Paul Minnesota December 6-8th so, if you would like to get together I would be happy to visit and talk fishing with you, just drop me a line or give me a call and we can meet up at the show!. Till next time...Tight Lines

October 30, 2013

This report has been a long time coming... I appologize for this but, I have not been fishing Devils Lake much. I fished a tournament in Pine Falls, MB, organizing my ice fishing partners, booking ice trips. So, here is the latest: I have decided to go with Eskimo this year for my portables and ice augers, this company has an excellent reputation and build one of the best houses on the market today. The other thing is their augers, these things flat out drill holes very quickly with very little chips flying all over. They also manufacture the "ION" auger which is a battery charged unit. The other partner that I am working with is Custom Jig's and Spins, this company also has an excellent reputation for their soft plastics and awesome lure designs, from the ratso, shrimpo, to the slender spoon, these guys have what you need. Also starting this winter I will be using the Go Pro video cameras to capture my clients catching Walleyes, Jumbo Perch, Pike, and White Bass thru the ice! I still have openings for this winter and would love to take your group out on the ice to fish with us!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next time.....Tight Lines

September 9, 2013

This last week has been very good. Still pulling spinners over submerged humps and rocks in 14-23 ft. of water. Weed edges have still been producing eater sized walleyes also pulling spinners. Water temps have cooled off a few degrees and the fish are active. A few more weeks with the temps being in the 60's and 70's should make the fish even more active. (If that is possible). The clients have sure been happy with their limits of 15-18" fish. Just a reminder the "fowl and fish" combo.... Hunt waterfowl in the morning then fish a few hours in the afternoon. The fall fishing will only get better as the temps drop the fish get active. If you are looking to get in on the fall action, NOW is the time to give us a call and reserve your dates for your trip of a lifetime. I still have openings for September, So what are you waiting for? Till next time... Tight Lines

September 4, 2013

Wow this week went by fast. Took out alot of clients and they caught fish all day long!!!!!! We have still been pulling spinners in 5-20ft. A couple of cold fronts have moved thru but the walleyes have still been hitting the bait and the bite has been hot. Alot of doubles by my clients kept me busy while guiding them and the fish we found are in that 15-19" range. One of my clients even caught a crappie, (I have seen a few here but never in my boat) nice pike in that 8# range too have been caught while fishing for the walleyes. I have opening for September still and the fall is a great time to book a trip and have the time of your life here in Devils Lake. If you are making plans to hunt for waterfowl, I have a fantastic deal for you.... Just give me a call and I will fill you in on the details for the "fowl and fish" combo. Till next time.... Tight Lines. Big John


August 27, 2013

This report starts out HOT!!!! What I mean is the weather and fishing has heated up again on Devils Lake. The weather has been hot with temps in the 80's and 90"s which has moved the fish out deeper on the spots we usually fish, out as deep as 30ft. The presentations we have been using is pulling spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers and gulp, jigging too has been working when we find fish pulling spinners. Just find them and anchor over them and they bite. With alot of the schools now in session, the lake is less crowded and can fish anywhere you want! If you were waiting for some early fall fishing NOW is the time to give us a call for awesome fishing and a great time on the lake. I will be doing a "fowl n fish "special for you waterfowl hunters, where you hunt in the morning and fish with us in the afternoon. More details to follow in the coming weeks. Till next time....Keep the Lines Tight. John


August 20,2013

What can I say but....The fishing has been very good. We have been working the weedlines in 8-22' of water and catching limits of walleyes. The lake went completly flat a couple days this past week and that made it a little tougher to use any type of wind swept areas where the baitfish were stacked up as a targeted area to find fish and to pull spinners. However moving around the lake and working deeper areas of the lake proved to keep the customers happy catching 14-20" even on those tougher days. I will be out tomorrow pulling crankbaits to figure out some patterns for my clients this week, I am normally a live bait person but, I can't wait to dust off the line-counter rods and pull cranks again!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are looking to book a trip on Devils Lake with us just give a call with your dates and we will try to fit you in. Till next time....Keep the lines tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 12,2013

Another great week fishing Devils Lake.. Lots of happy clients fishing one of the top walleye fisheries in the nation this week!!!!!!!! We have been pulling spinners in 10-20 ft of water and the fish are just chomping the bait we are presenting to them. I have only been guiding this lake for this season but I know this lake very well and I can tell you this year has been fantastic with nice fish being caught with a variety of presentations from spinners with live bait or plastics to slip bobbering humps or trees to jigging this year has been just crazy for eater sized fish. I think with the perch we have been catching while fishing for walleyes the winter fishing will be nothing short of awesome. I have been doing some winter sponsorship stuff with a leading company in the business so if all that works out, I will be posting those sponsors for you to check out and patronize them, without them I can't do what I love to do... I do have openings for August and September so.... give Big John a call for your next fishing trip @ 701-381-2599. Thanks for your business and keep your lines tight.... Take care John


August 6,2013

The fish continue to cooporate with our clients catching their limits of walleye, pike and even a few perch in the mix. We have been pulling spinners at most depths of the lake. Along weed edges old shorelines tops of old sunken roads. This last week my wife caught a 30" walleye in 18' of water pulling a spinner with a crawler. The Cabelas MWC tourney was held here last Friday and Saturday and there were some nice weights brought in. August is a great time to fish Devils Lake because of all the different presentations we use to catch fish. Thinking of a guided fishing trip? Give us a call we will do what we can to fit you in. Till next time...Keep the lines tight. John

July 30,2013

Been out every day last week with clients, they had great success catching walleyes. We have been pulling spinners and jigging in 8-20' catching good eater sized fish 14-17" range. We have boated a few 20"+ fish as well mixed in with the other walleyes. There have been a few perch mixed in and nice sized pike as well put in the livewell too. Devils lake continues to be a fantastic fishery for walleye, pike, perch and white bass. This coming week the weather is gonna be a bit cooler and the fishing will only get better. Now is the time to make that call and book a trip with us and you will experience the fishing trip of a lifetime. Till next time...Keep the lines tight. John


July 22, 2013

I will start this report by saying if your looking to come up and fish Devils Lake...Call in sick to work, quite your job and bring your fishing partner or partners and get up here now!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all day action from slipbobbering and jigs on the rock piles and humps to spinners along weed edges. I had clients out every day last week and we caught fish after fish, most of those days were 100 fish days! Every one I had took home their limit of walleyes, pike (if they wanted) and even some perch. Yesterday I had a group that kept 2 14" walleyes and the rest of them were 16-23". We did have to weed thru the 12-14 inchers but kept a total of 20 fish all in that 16-23" range. I do have a few openings in August and would love to take your group for some fishing on the beautiful waters of Devils Lake. Till next time... Keep the lines tight. John


July 14, 2013

The fishing on Devils Lake continues to be fantastic with limits of eater sized walleyes being caught by all the clients this last week. Spinners, jigs, and slip bobbers and pitching cranks have been working. I am mainly a live bait guy so I don't pitch or troll cranks until I can't get em with spinners, jigs or bobbers. Leeches and crawlers in jigs in the normal Devils Lake colors have been working in 6-20ft of water. Same for the bobbers. If pulling spinners green or chartruse color blades have been the best for us. The fish are starting to relate to structure eg. roads, rockpiles so this should hold true for most of the summer. The weedlines are also starting to show up so spinning them is alot easier for a good spinner bite too. The pike are still very easy to catch and find... They are all over the lake! A few perch are being caught while fishing for walleyes along the weed edges pulling spinners. This week is busy with Saturday and Sunday open for trips. I have dates open for the rest of the month, so, if your planning a trip give me a call. I would love to take you out for a fishing experience you will not forget. Until next time..Keep the lines tight. John


July 8, 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July with family and friends. We had 6 days of guiding this past week, clients were happy, happy, happy. Limits of good eater walleyes 14-17" were caught all over the lake and clients caught, caught, caught. We jigged and bobbered and pulled spinners anywhere from 6-18ft. Old Mill, Maddock and Monkey Ridge, and weed edges in Docs have all been good. I have a couple trips this week then next week is busy I have the 20th and 21st open and that is a weekend, so, if you would like to book even at a short notice, I might be able to take you out for this fantastic action on Devils Lake. If you can get here, you won't be dissappointed the lake is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the lines tight. John


July 3, 2013

Happy 4th to you all!!! On this fishing front... A little wind and the fish bite, less wind and we still catch them but we struggle a bit. Jigs and spinners work well and the bobbers produce some nice fish as well. This week we caught some nice 6-8# northerns with the O'toole family and a limit of walleyes as well. We had to work for them but still caught fish. The weedlines are starting to show up and that makes it nice to pull spinners and the walleyes are in there. Pelican has produced some nice fish on the old RR tracks and the moon bars but, we have to work a little longer to get the clients limits each day. If your looking for a trip on Devils lake with the Lakes hardest working guide, let us put you on fish and work hard for you!!!!!!!!!! Call us today 701-381-2599 ask for Big John and he will help You out. Till next time... Keep the lines tight. John


June 24, 2013

The bite has been nothing short of awesome. I had clients out 5 days this last week and 4 of those took home limits of walleye and a few pike and the white bass were on fire too! Our techniques have changed a little but once you locate them they will bite. The bays and weed lines have been the key, and anywhere from 3-15 feet seems to hold fish most days. Pulling spinners, pitching cranks, jigs and slip bobbers all seem to fair well. The majority of the fish are in that 14-17" class with occasional larger fish in the mix. Now is the time to get off the couch, pack your bags and give us a call and book your guided trip of a lifetime here on Devils Lake with Big John.


June 19, 2013

Had a good day today with Les and Lyn we caught walleyes and pike. Lyn caught a nice 8# pike. The pike are thick in a few spots, but we sure had a blast netting them. Thanks for the great time guys.




June 17, 2013

The fishing is very good right now with clients bringing in limits of 15-21 inch walleyes. Along with that the pike are very aggressive and really put up a fight and some nice 8-10# are being caught too. Pitching cranks along windswept shorelines seem to catch the larger 20"+ walleye and the pike too. If you want a pull spinners along weed lines that are starting to show up now, also has produced those good eater fish. Slip bobbering the trees and weed lines is also producing fish in that 5-12 foot range. I can't stress enough, if fishing is on your mind now is the time to give me a call @701-381-2599 for a daily report, book a trip, or just to talk fishing. Until next report, Keep your lines tight and a smile on your face. John


June 11,2013

Things are heating up the water temps and the FISHING!!! I guided this week 4 trips with all the groups catching limits of pike, limits of walleye, and a few white bass. I was out on Saturday with my family and we caught our limit of 15 walleye slip-bobbering the shallow weed lines fairly quickly. I do have openings to take your group out this month. If you want to keep up with the fishing on a daily basis please friend request me on face-book and I will add you to my friend list. The weekly forecast looks good for the upcoming week and that should help the water temps too. Give us a call and book your trips as soon as you can. Tight lines <{{{{{{{> John


June 3, 2013

Wind and rain has been the battle as of late. The wind has knocked us off the water and when the wind isn't blowing the rain comes. I think as of today we have had 2 days without either wind or rain for the last 10 days, we also have gotten 6-7 inches of rain too. On the fishing front. Sunday was a good day we caught pike with walleyes mixed in (there is a huge population of pike and they are very aggressive so they beat the walleye to the bait). We have been using leeches under slip bobbers and then jigging with a leech in 6-12 ft. The walleyes are a little sluggish with these cold water temps so we really have to jig very slow and pitch with a slow retrive. Kaylie and Dave from Wisconsin was out on Monday with us and caught some nice walleyes and pike, till the weather got the best of us. I am wishing for some warm weather patterns to improve the bite and warm the water temps up a bit. Till next time keep the calls coming and book your summer trip on Devils Lake.


May 27, 2013

Good news come to those who wait.... The fishing has started to pick up this week fighting the winds however was not alot of fun but, once we got to our spots we found fish. We caught larger walleye 20-26" were not uncommon. The pike are mixed in with them but we took the good with the better. Not everyone caught their limits but a good time was had by all. The water temps have warmed up a bit. The warmest water that we found was 54.6 degrees. Finding weedlines by old roads and using leeches and bobbers in 10-15 ft on water was the key. I have a few trips this week and if the weather cooperates the water temps will only make fishing better. I do have openings in June, so if your thinking of a trip give me a call and let us treat you to a great time on Devils Lake. John

May 21,2013

The last week has seen rain from Wednesday thru last night which has given us 3-4 inches of rain. The rain was needed to get the grass growing and it is turning green. The wind has been blowing a gail with 25-40 mph. With that said I have not been on the lake to give you much of a report, I can tell you that the extended forecast looks good thru this Sunday. I have trips for Friday and Saturday so should have something to post next week. I will post here as well as my facebook page. If you would like to you can find me on facebook, John Adams send me a friend request and I will be sure to confirm you then you can get up to date info along with pictures I can't put here. Also coming in June I will be adding some exciting new things on my facebook page so friend me to check out the new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next time, keep the lines tight.

May 15, 2013

Sorry for this report being so late but to be honest with you there has not been much to report to you until NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This weeks weather has took a turn for the best with the 30+ inches of ice and the temps been in the 70's and 80's and the wind blowing like crazy has really opened alot of the lake. Creel bay has no ice and the is on east lake has been disappearing very quickly. The rest of the main lake has a little ice but, that should be gone by weeks end. With that being said I had the boat inspected by NDG&F and had a nice conversation with one of the game wardens and he told me that Devils Lake should come up 1-2 feet and the bite should be AWESOME!!!!!!!  We have our 1st trip going out this weekend and the fish should be hungry. We will probably start out by the bridges the hit the shorelines with jigs and minnows, pitch cranks along the shore. I will post our success next week. Until then tight lines. John 

March 19,2013

With the most recent blizzard and yet another 3-5 inches of snow on the ground, trucks with chains are not an option anymore. We have suspended our guiding until further notice. I hope the snow melts or a rain may help so we can assume guiding into April. However, there is slush developing under the snow and that is not a good thing either. I will keep posting information for everyone and if we can resume guiding we sure will. It's not to early to be thinking about booking a summer trip with us check your dates and let us know we have some days that are full already but still alot of openings for some early action on Devils Lake. Take care and keep the lines tight. John